Presidents Message

Wow, Summer is almost over. Have you gotten to go fishing this summer? I really like to backpack. I got to go once, almost. Steve and I invited another member of DCFF on a trip to the Forks of the Kern. We had to go to plan C because plan A and plan B didn’t work out. There is an article about it in this newsletter. You just gotta be flexible.

We tried something new this month and will continue doing it until November, a Monthly Events email blast. This way you won’t get several emails from the club, just one at the beginning of the month and then the Newsletter will come out sometime in the middle of the month. Please don’t just delete it when you get the email blasts from the Deep Creek Fly Fishers. This is our best way to keep you informed of what is happening at the club.

First, I want to mention the Mammoth Closer. It is a week in Mammoth from October 6th to October 12th. We have a condo rented that sleeps eight. Right now, as of this writing, we have one person signed up, and that’s me. I haven’t been to the club’s closer in awhile because I would always go backpacking with a friend. Did I ever mention I’m a huge backpacking fan? I love the backcountry and it’s calling my name. The cost for the Closer will be $238.19 for the week. Bill Reeves does all the cooking and the meals are cheap but delicious! One dollar for breakfast and five dollars for dinner. You can’t beat that price for a meal down here let alone Mammoth. I’ll be fishing all over. I’ll do some backcountry, and fishing any stream that has water in it. Others will be going to float tube Crowley or some of the other lakes in that area. I’ll take anyone that wants to go fish a stream with me. I’ll show you how I fish a stream up there. Go to the website and sign up or pay with a check to the Deep Creek mailbox.

Which brings up the Deep Creek mailbox. Right now our mailbox is in Redlands because we used to meet at the San Bernardino County Museum. We have just rented one in Riverside so from now on one of the VP’s can check it before the meeting. The new mailbox’s address is: Deep Creek Fly Fishers, 6185 Magnolia Ave, #272 Riverside, CA 92506-2524. We are keeping the old one in Redlands until the end of February when it is time to renew it. Which means until February you can send stuff to BOTH mailboxes. After February 2023 the Riverside one will be the only one the club has. Please start using the Riverside mailbox for paying your dues or any other thing you mail to us. I’m hoping that by December I won’t find any mail in the Redlands PO Box.

The last thing I want to bring up or mention is our Annual Holiday Banquet. It is on December 6th. This is our biggest fundraiser that keeps the club going. We pay for Speakers, Administration costs (Trout Unlimited dues, FFI dues, insurance, etc.), and our Education Classes.

 We always have some good stuff there on the Silent Auction tables. In the past we have had a discount on Simms Waders, Echo rods, Peak Fly Tying Vises and goods from other.

manufacturers. We have also had a raffle with some good stuff. And a Heads or Tails game for a custom built rod from our DCFF member Chiaki Harami. Our Famous Desert Auction is always fun. There will be flies tied by members that donate a dozen for a Silent Auction. It’s a fun time and you can bring your spouse and friends that want or need new gear. Kurt will be telling you more about this as we get closer to December.

The last thing I need to mention is in November we vote on new Officers. The positions are President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you want to nominate someone, October is the time to do that. So you have September to think about who to nominate. Did I confuse you? September you think about it, October you nominate someone, and November we vote at the meeting. Or you may be stuck with me as President.

As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tight Lines, Gary Applebee