Presidents Message

President's Message

To My Fellow Flyfishers,

Athough 2020 is now upon us, I would segue back to a review of December 2019. The December 4th Banquet was a huge success. Not only did it blossom as a social event, but the good food and general fraternization was capped off by a very successful cake sale. I was a bit disappointed that only 41 members could attend but with 24 guests, it made the night an economical success. We cleared approximately $3200 for the evening. (Mike Stuhl will have the details on January 22.)
A very special kudos needs to be extended to Clark Stevens, who booked the country club a year early and arranged for the same venue at the same price for 2020. I also need to extend the Club's gratitude for all the help in setting up the booths, the silent auction, and the cake sale. I am avoiding mentioning individuals for fear of leaving someone out, but the club's is indebted to these workers.
A special mention needs to also single out Past President Clark Stevens who put in two years of effort in his one year of office. He set up job descriptions for officers, organized the 2020 year for the club house with the City of Riverside, and has done a thousand and one things that needed doing. More about Clark later.

Saturday, January 18, Deep Creek Flyfishers will be hosting the Southwest Council of Flyfishers International at our Clubhouse. All Board members are invited as well as any interested Club members. It is an opportunity to network, learn what other clubs are doing, and meet new friends. The clubhouse will open at 8 AM and the Club Management Workshop will be at 10 AM.
The first meeting of the new year for Deep Creek Flyfishers is at 7 PM, Wednesday January 22,
2020. The speaker is Pat Jaeger, the renowned Bishop/Mammoth guide. An opportunity will be available for 6 club members to sign up for his day- long seminar of fly fishing in the region, particularly the Lower Owens. The seminar will compact Pat's many years of experience on how to fish the lower Owens and will be an extensive introduction to find out how to fish this river.
For those who have signed up to go on the Memorial Day trip to the San Juan in New Mexico, Mark Hopkins will need a $590 check (made out to Deep Creek Flyfishers) for a one-half deposit, for the trip. I went to the San Juan last year - it was a hoot with three days of guided fishing and great food and decent lodging. Every evening offers bragging rights at no additional charge.

A word about Clark and myself. Unfortunately, I have run into a serious medical problem, that will significantly impact my daily activities. I have asked Clark to act as Co-President to cover my absences. He has graciously agreed to act as my co-chair. Hopefully, in the next few months, I will be able to return to full activity. Working with Clark, it is evident that behind the scenes, management is a time- consuming job.

Now, on a sad note. Our former longtime treasurer, George Plescher, passed away in December due to a brain tumor. The Club sent flowers to the family. I personally only recently got to know George while we were on the recent San Juan trip. What most of you, who knew George as a kind, mildly humorous, and self-deprecatingly person, did not know, is that George served as a medic assigned to a Marine forward reconnaissance unit during the Vietnam war. He was badly wounded and spent a year in a military hospital.
Bill Reeves, a long time Club member and multiple past presidents, would like to say a few words on a different subject to the members at the conclusion of the meeting on January 22. We would appreciate it if everyone can try and stay after Pat Jaeger's presentation.
Please try to bring a friend interested in learning about flyfishing to a meeting. Example, fathers with boys/girls who are interested in fishing. We will be trying to arrange a fishing derby this Spring sponsored by the city of Riverside, CA Fish and Game, and the Club. Some stocked fish, several tagged with a $25 dollar clip (my treat), and possibly a barbecue.

Mend well, no wind knots,

Sandy Schneider This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.