The Baby Leech
Chris W /
fotm feb 2022
Translated by Carl Wuebben

While this pattern is tied in black any natural color combination should work depending on the pray species in your local waters. Also try unnatural combos such as pink, yellow and crawfish orange. Retrieving with short, erratic strips as well as swing and lift retrieve will produce strikes. Work along weed lines and structure. It works well on most Stillwater fish like bass, sunfish and even trout.


  HOOK – Standard nymph #16 - 12
  THREAD – Black 70 denier (8/0). Also try other natural colors along with pink, yellow and crawfish orange.
  RIB – Ultra wire copper in XS size
  BODY – Dubbing mix in black 
  COLLAR – Rabbit fur in black


  1. Mount hook in vise – start your thread in behind the eye and clip off the tag end of the thread. now grab a hunk of wire and tie it in, then using the wire to keep a nice thread base wrap rearward to the end of the shank, clip any tag end of wire off in front with a pair of wire cutters or use the rear of the blades on your scissors but this will dull the blade fast. Put the wire off in a material clip.
  2. With the dubbing mix dub a tapered body and wrap it forward and this will be covering ¾ of the hook shank. Do this by twisting the dubbing onto the thread with your thumb and index finger.
  3. Now with the wire counter wrap it to the front of the dubbed body. Secure it with thread wraps and clip the tag end of the wire off.
  4. Bring your bobbin down about 3-4 inches then bring the thread back up and tie down the loop on the hook to make a dubbing loop from the rabbit fur by Clipping from a hide or pull from a bag then with a dubbing twister to hold the loop open put the rabbit fur into the loop and twist the tool to make your dubbing loop noodle. Wrap the noodle forward and as you do pull the fibers rearward with each wrap but leave enough room behind the eye for a head and to whip finish. Just a couple wraps will do then tie off and clip your tag end of the noodle off.
  5. Build a thread head, whip finish and clip your thread off, add some head cement to complete your fly.