ASSASSIN (light)
Tom Loe/variant (of a Cal Bird variant)

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Translated by Carl Wuebben

Tom Loe came up with his version of the Cal Birds bird’s nest that you can tie in a dark and light variation. The tail material is tips of blood marabou which give a graceful action within Stillwater situations and can mimic small baitfish such as perch fry or damsel nymphs.

Light version
HOOK – Daiichi 1710 #14 -18 THREAD – Uni-thread tan 8/0 (70 denier)
HEAD – 3/32 gold bead
TAIL Marabou blood quills (ginger). Topped by dyed mallard barred flank (wood duck gold)
ABDOMEN – Hareline dubbing in hares ear
THORAX – Hareline dubbing in hares ear
RIBBING – Copper ultra-wire in small
LEGS – Dyed mallard barred flank in wood duck gold

Dark version
Same hook – black thread – same bead – black marabou blood quill for the tail – abdomen and thorax black dubbing – red ultra-wire for the ribbing – legs same feather.


  1. Debarb hook – put bead on the hook small hole first then mount hook in vise and start your thread in behind the rear of the bead. Attach the wire ribbing to the bottom of the hook shank and with your thread wrap it down to the bend of the hook and above the barb.
  2. Now select a marabou feather and a mallard barred flank feather for the tail. Take the marabou and tie on half of the tip area only, about half a hook shank length long and then clip off the tag end, now take the mallard feather and clip out about 15 – 20 fibers from the tip and tie in on top of the marabou, make it the same length (half a hook shank). Clip off tag end. Your thread should be at the rear of the hook.
  3. Grab a clump of hare’s ear dubbing for the abdomen and with your thumb and index finger twist it onto the thread and wrap the dubbing forward along the hook shank creating a tapered body to just a little past the mid-point of the shank.
  4. Then spiral wrap the ribbing to the end of the dubbing (midpoint) and tie off. Helicopter the tag end of the wire off.
  5. Using the mallard feather that you clipped the tail tips from; utilize the remaining fibers for a collar/legs hackle just in front of your dubbing. Position the feather at the top of the shank with the tips protruding just beyond the hook bend. Using your thumb and index finger, distribute the fibers around the shank and tie off and clip the feather tag end off. Lay down a couple more thread wraps to secure it all.
  6. Add more hare’s ear dubbing for the thorax and wrap forward up against the bead. This dubbed area should be larger in diameter than the body with a more buggy appearance. Use a dubbing tool to create a dubbing loop that facilitates a looser appearance. Whip finish to form a small head and clip your thread off.