Massacre Midge
Max Pavel & Nava Keno
fotm may 2020
Translated by Carl Wuebben
Original By Matt Mc Cannel

This fly will work just about anywhere in the world. Fish it deep, fish it as a dropper, I don’t think it really matters. This fly can imitate a variety of emerging insects. The Massacre Midge created by Matt Mccannel has climbed to the top of the list for favorite patterns. It can be tied in a variety of different colors with different colored foams. This fly has a lot of “BUGGYNESS” when you rough up the dubbing a little bit. This makes it very dynamic to your fishing situation. Tie bigger like a chironomid for lakes.


HOOK – TIEMCO 2488h in size #18
THREAD – UTC70 olive
WIRE – small UTC olive wire
FOAM – thin fly foam tan 2mm or white
DUBBING – Dave Whitlock’s SLF in dragon fly color


  1. Mount hook, start your thread in 2 eyelets from the eye and wrap a thread base back to just before the bend of the hook –clip tag end of thread off.
  2. Tie in your wire and with your thread wrap it down well back into the bend of the hook then bring your thread back toward the eye with close smooth wraps and stop where you started your thread and as you do make a slight taper toward the front.
  3. Wrap wire forward with evenly spaced spiral wraps and tie off at about 4 eyelets spaces from the eye then helicopter the wire tag end off.
  4. Cut a strip of foam about 3-4 mm wide and tie in where your thread is now with the longer part facing toward the eye and a small piece rearward that you will secure down on the shank – pull up on the rear part to put tension on it and clip the tag end off and cover any additional foam that may be showing on the rear side of the foam with your thread.
  5. Using some SLF dubbing make a small noodle by twisting the dubbing firmly between your thumb and index finger – wrap the noodle over the rear foam area and wrap forward up against the base of the front foam – tie off and clip the tag end off.
  6.  Bring your thread in front of the foam and lay a couple wraps down then put a small dab of Zap-A-Gap on the thread and make a couple wraps in front of the foam again to keep it upward and makes it more durable.
  7. Whip-finish – clip your thread – rough up the body a little with a Velcro brush and clip off the longer fibers – clip the foam about the thickness of the body or to your liking.