This parachute style dry sits in the film like a hatching insect. The advantage of a double midge pattern is that adult midges often cluster together in groups of two or more. Midges can be as tiny as size 28 and feeding trout often target these clusters in order to get enough to eat.

HOOK – 2 XL dry fly hook #8 - #12.
THREAD –   Black 8/0 uni-thread.
TAIIL – Black antron yarn.
BODY – Natural peacock Arizona dubbing.
POSTS – White antron yarn.
HACKLE – Grizzly.


  1. Debarb hook – secure in the vise- start your thread about mid shank and wrap back to the bend of the hook and tie in your black antron for the tail   ( Just a little shorter than the shank length).
  2. Now tie in a thick piece (doubled over) of white antron yarn for the first post starting at the base of the tail and wrapping forward (This will build up the body a little) to just a little bit before the middle of the hook shank. Then post it by holding the top of the white antron with your left hand and keeping real close to the base of the post and hook shank wrap your thread up the antron yarn to form the post – use light wraps going up then a little tighter going down. Now grab the grizzly hackles with the barbs on it about the size of the hook gap then pluck out the fuzz on it and tie it on in front of the post with the bare shank of the feather going up the post. Now wrap the thread up the post one more time with close wraps then back down (This reinforces the post). Don’t wrap the hackle yet.  
  3. Advance your thread a little bit in front of your first post then tie in some more white antron for the second post and stop just about two or three eyelet’s from the eye and post it and tie in the hackle like in step two.  
  4. Spiral wrap your thread back to the tail and dub the first body right up to the first post. Now wrap the hackle feather down the post then tie off in front of the post base- clip the tag end off and put some more dubbing on the thread and wrap forward to the second post then do the same as the first post and tie off the hackle in front of the post and dub some more but don’t crowd the head. Whip finish and clip the thread and you’re done.

TIP – Gently pull back the fibers on the parachute to dub and to whip finish the fly.

   *** But remember to practice    C.P.R. (CATCH – PICTURE – RELEASE).