The dryemerger is a very unusual pattern. It’s similar to the parasol emerger. It’s a very effective pattern and a lot of people say they’re catching fish with it. The post is just white antron wrapped with thread and a hackle; that rests on the surface of the water. The pupa, which is pretty standard, hangs slightly underneath the surface.  The dryemerger is very interesting and shows what you can do with midge patterns.                                                   

HOOK – Mustad C49S – Tiemco 2457 – Daiichi 1120 sizes 22 to 16.
THREAD –   Black 6/0 (140 denier)
POST – White Antron
HACKLE – Black
BODY- Tying thread
RIB- Small copper Ultra wire
WING BUDS – White Antron yarn
THORAX – Peacock herl


  1. Debarb hook – Mount the hook in the vise - start the thread about three eyelets from the eye then tie in your copper wire ribbing, keeping real close wraps (using the wire to keep it close) wrap back to just a little bit into the hooks bend. Bring your thread back to your starting point keeping close wraps again for a smooth body (no taper in this one). Then spiral wrap the wire forward and tie off at the starting point.    
  2. Take a large hunk of white Antron yarn about 2 to 3 inches’ long. Tie it in with about 3 eyelets (1/2 inch) hanging toward the bend of the hook for the wing bud (more is better cause you can trim later), where you ended your thread and wire abdomen.
  3. Using the thread, wrap forward toward the eye and stop about 2 eyelets from the eye. Then bring your thread back where you started tying in the yarn and tie in a couple strands of peacock herl. Then make a rope with the peacock by twisting it around the thread, and wrap it forward to cover the Antron yarn and stop where the yarn starts upward, tie off the herl then clip your tag end off. Now with the thread, start wrapping up the Antron yarn only while holding it with your other hand, keeping close tight wraps (like posting a wing) as you go up to form the post. (Post should be about 1 ¼ the hook length) Leave a small amount of Antron yarn for the top of the fly.  
  4. Chose a hackle about 1 ½ the size of the hook gap, tie it in toward the top of the post then wrap it upward (About 3 or 4 close wraps), hold back the hackle fiber and tie off the hackle and clip your tag end, whip finish, clip your thread, clip the Antron yarn post to size and trim the wing bud if needed.

NOTE: If you have trouble tying the post use a piece of 50lb to 80lb monofilament. Place it in the vice and tie the Antron onto the monofilament, making the black post by going from one side outward. Keep tight wraps. If you end up with a few white spots, a black sharpie pen will cover up that problem. Tie on and wrap your hackle. Clip tag end and whip finish. Now remove from vise and clip any extra pieces of monofilament that is not needed and tie in on the hook like in step #2.
Quite an unusual fly to tie, but fairly easy. Tie up a bunch for the closer next month

*** But remember to practice    C.P.R. (CATCH – PICTURE – RELEASE).