Furled bodies are excellent for extended bodies. Many materials that are thin or stranded can be shaped into extended bodies with this technique. Add strands of Krystal Flash or any other flashy or colored material to the yarn before it is furled for more variety.


HOOK – Scud, 2x wide, 2x short, 2x heavy, sizes 18 -22
THREAD – Black 8/0 or color to match natural.
ABDOMAN – Black or color to match natural Antron yarn. Furled.
GILLS – White Antron yarn
THORAX - Fine black dubbing or color to match abdomen.


  1. Debarb hook – Mount the hook in the vise and start the thread behind the eyelet (one eyelet from the eye) and lay a thread base backward staying real close and stopping right above the hook point. This will help hold things down on the shank of the hook.
  2. Cut a 2-inch length of Antron yarn. Mount one end of the yarn to the top of the hook shank; and clip the tag end (the forward part) about 3 eyelets from the eye which leaves space for mounting the gills. Then cover the yarn butt ends and move the thread to the rear where you started tying in the abdomen (Antron yarn).
  3. Pinch the end of the yarn with your right thumb and fore finger and bring it downward toward you and below the hook point then twist the yarn clockwise into a tight cord but don’t let go or it will go weird on you. The tightness of twists will determine the tightness of the body.
  4. Use your left hand to place a dubbing needle at the position where you want the body extension to end (about the length of the hook shank), then fold the twisted yarn over the needle (with the yarn going from under the needle folding over the top) then bring the yarn on top of the hook shank and hold firmly then remove the needle and tie off where you ended the thread on the yarn. Secure with 3 or 4 wraps and clip off the tag end (part facing eyelet).
  5. Cut a 1-inch length of white Antron yarn and mount it on top of the hook shank (at the space we saved in step 2) wrap thread forward stopping just in front of the eyelet (about 1 eyelet). Then trim the yarn at the rear close to the thread wraps. Bring the thread back where you tied in the abdomen (above the hook point) while covering the butt ends of the gills (white antron yarn).
  6. Using a small amount of fine dubbing on the thread, dub the thorax with a taper (just a little) toward the front and ending at the gills (white antron yarn).
  7. Fold the white antron yarn (gills) back and put about 4-5 thread wraps in front of it to get it away from the eyelet. Tie off the thread and whip finish the head. Trim gills to desired length (about ¾ of the overall hook size is good; you can trim on the water if needed).