Fly Fishing & Tying Journal

This pattern is meant to be fished in the surface film or just below it, trailing behind an adult caddis pattern. This pattern can also be used to imitate a sunken egg-laying female.

HOOK - Mustad = R50-94840 or equivalent in sizes 16-18
THREAD – Chartreuse 6/0 and dark brown 8/0
TAIL - Tan Anton yarn fibers
– Chartreuse thread
OVERBODY- green or chartreuse super hair
WING – Dark dun or black CDC feather barbs

How to Tie

  1. Debarb hook- mount in vise. Start thread at mid shank and then tie in a sparse bundle of Anton and one strand of super hair at the rear of the hook shank.
  2. Using the thread form a tapered underbody over the rear ¾ of the hook shank then wrap the super hair strand over the underbody keeping each wrap against the previous one. Tie off and clip the tag end also tie off the underbody thread and clip off.
  3. Tie in the brown thread right in front of the chartreuse thread underbody and form a small head then coat the body and thread wraps with head cement and let it dry
  4. Strip the barbs from 1 – 3 CDC feathers and tie in with the brown thread to form the wing making sure it extends just a little bit past the hook bend securing them on top then lift the butt ends and put two or three wraps at the base of the CDC to push them up a little. Whip-Finish and clip the thread.
  5. Trim the butt ends even with the front of the eye and the wing even with the hook bend.

**Now that was an easy tie, you can substitute other things for the overbody like supreme hair – fluoro fibre – kinky fibre and for the tail try sparkle yarn. Now don’t forget to tie up a very nice one for the next meetings fly of the month.