Most people don’t know what entomology is. Although you don’t need to be an expert, knowing a few facts can make you a better fly fisher. Entomology is simply put, the study of insects. In this class we will try to give you the basic knowledge of the four most common aquatic insect groups in trout fishing: Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddis Flies and Midges.

For each of these insect groups we will give you their basic descriptions and variations of the species, their life cycles and how to identify each and where to find them. Knowing the differences in each life cycle stage can be key to a successful fly fishing experience vs. a nice outing on the river.

You will learn about:
  • Life cycle stages
  • Terms used for each
  • Different species and subspecies
  • Basic fly patterns used to imitate each
  • Suggestions of how and where to learn more

Depending on availability, live samples of these insect groups will be used along with illustrations of each life cycle stage and their locations in rivers, streams, and lakes. Come out and learn about why fly fishers get excited about ‘The Hatch’. Learn to read the water and insect life therein and hopefully catch more fish. Check our Calendar for future dates and classes.