Presidents Message

President's Message

The year is coming to an end and this month we get to find out what some of our members did this year as far as fishing. In the past I have given a presentation on fishing Wyoming, the Golden Trout Wilderness, and I think New Zealand. Other members have given presentations on fishing Alaska, the Christmas Islands, Argentina, Brazil, Stripers off the East Coast, Baja and many more places closer to home. If you want to talk about what you have done this year get a hold of V.P. Jerry Searcy and ask to be put on the program or just show up at the meeting.

Member’s night is our November meeting which will be on the 3rd Wednesday November 15th.

We are getting close to the Annual Banquet on December 5th and we need to know the count so please get your reservations in soon to George Plescher. Everyone is working to make this years Banquet one of the best for the club. We have plans at a new and better venue and good food.

If you are interested in finding out about a position on the club’s board next year, or in the future, or how you can contribute to the club please, contact Jerry Searcy or myself for information. 

Bill Reeves