Presidents Message
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President's Message

Summer is over and the fall fishing season is com- ing up fast .I hope all of you had a chance to get some fishing in this summer. We had better water conditions this year locally and throughout the West than the last few years.

If you had a good trip or fishing day I hope you will share it with us at our November meeting which is “Member’s Night”, please make arrangements with VP Jerry Searcy if you want to share.

If you didn’t get to fish very much this summer I hope you have plans to do some fishing this fall. We have the closer coming up this month at Mammoth Lakes and I think this may be a good year on the lakes and streams. I hope some dreams come true at the closer this time, I know the food will be good.

This month at our meeting we will vote on the updated version of our constitution that will bring it up to date. Look on our website under ’what’s new’ for a copy of the proposed constitution.

Bill Reeves