MAY 2011



The disco midge was developed on Colorado’s frying pan river. Tie it in a few different colors to imitate a midge larva and pupa (blue- olive – red).

This is a very easy tie and you should whip out two dozen in less than an hour.

So go put your disco platform shoes on and get to tying.


Hook – Mustad #C49

Tiemco # 2487       Humped shank   Standard or light wire. #22 to #18

Thread – cream 8/0 or finer (white will work).

ABDOMEN– Pearl Krystal Flash over a layer of cream working thread

THORAX – Peacock herl (or hare’s mask dubbing or black thread)



  1. Debarb hook – tie thread on behind eyelet and lay a very close thread base using your tag end to keep thread close to each other and wrap a little bit into the bend of the hook.
  2. Tie in your Krystal Flash ( try other colors also blue – olive – red ) at the bend of the hook where you ended your thread base then wrap thread forward till about 3 or 4 eyelets from the eyelet keeping close wraps to make a smooth underbody.
  3. Wrap Krystal Flash over thread base and overlapping ever so slightly. Tie off where you stopped your thread.
  4. Tie in a strand of peacock by its tip and make a rope with it using the thread. (I like to counter wrap onto the thread). Wrap forward just a couple wraps leaving about two eyelets space between the peacock and the eyelet
  5. Make a small thread head – Whip finish – Throw a little head cement on if you like and you’re done. I told you it was simple. 

NOTE. If tying other colors just match the thread to the Krystal Flash.

Everything else is the same.

Now go tie up a few dozen in different sizes and colors.