Balanced Chironomid
By Snake River Fly (You Tube)

fotm may 2019  

Translated by Carl Wuebben

This fly is pure evil when it comes to the indicator game. This fly is responsible for many big fish to the net. It’s also a simple pattern if this is your first time tying balanced flies.


HOOK – 90 degree size #8 also can use 60 degree hook
PIN – silver or gold sequin pin (can use a dress maker’s pin but will have to cut it to fit)
BEAD – 1/8” silver – can use tungsten if it balances right
DUBBING – Snake River scud dubbing in silver or your brand choice
THREAD – Montana fly co. midge body thread or equivalent and 6/0 (140 denier) red Flymaster plus or equivalent
RIB – Brassie ultra-wire in silver
SHUCK  Darlon in pearl or white


  1. Debarb the hook – mount in vise then start the thread in behind the eye and clip the tag end off, then make a thread base by wrapping to mid shank with close wraps. Put a bead on the pin (large hole first) then tie onto the hook shank with the bead and pin hanging about two more bead lengths past the bend of the hook by the eye. You can adjust as needed. Secure the pin down by wrapping over the pin and hook shank and add some zap-a-gap on the thread wraps to hold it in place better, then wrap the thread rearward and stop just before the bend of the hook.
  2. Tie in a small piece of pearl Darlon in the rear for the shuck (hanging off the bend of the hook) clip the tag end off right tight up against the butt of the pin on the shank; wrap it down to even out the body on the shank. If the shuck is too long you can clip it to size.
  3. Tie in the brassie wire at the rear of the hook for the ribbing, don’t wrap it yet we will do it later. Clip off the tag end and return your thread to the rear of the hook (don’t cut off) lay it to the side.
  4. Put the midge body thread in a bobbin and tie it in at the rear of the hook and wrap forward with overlapping wraps (touch wraps) to the front of the fly tight up against the bead. Now with your regular thread that is at the rear of the hook wrap forward with spiral wraps and when you get to the bead and midge body thread tie off the midge thread and clip the midge body thread off.
  5. Spiral wrap the wire ribbing forward and tie off behind the bead. Clip off tag end of wire.
  6. Grab a small clump of scud dubbing and make a dubbing noodle on the thread by twisting the dubbing onto the thread with your fingers then do a couple of turns of the noodle behind the bead (you may have to add more dubbing) but keep it sparse. Whip finish and clip the thread. Brush the dubbing a little bit with a dubbing brush or a toothbrush.