FOTM June 2012
Double Bunny

BY Scott Sanchez

This is called an attractor streamer which has a long history both as imitations of tiny fishes and as nonimitative attractor flies. Though it’s quite minnow - like, the double bunny is primarily an attractor.  It doesn’t really matter – big trout move for this fly.  Try stripping it wildly across a river to stir a trout into doing something stupid.  Also try olive over white and olive over yellow for the wing

HOOK -   Heavy wire, 4x long, size #2 (I used Mustad #9672 or R74)
THREAD -   White 3/0 or heavier
WEIGHT - lead wire 0.035 – inch diameter
BODY AND WING – Magnum (extra – wide) natural gray zonker strip bound atop the shank at the eye and a magnum white zonker strip pushed over thee hooks point and bound below the eye. Cement the strips together around the shank and lead and beyond the bend.
SIDES - A few strands of pearl Krystal flash and silver holographic flashabou
EYES - Red plastic molded eyes with black pupils, 7/32 – inch (7mm) in diameter. (Can use doll eyes – mono eyes –stick on – etc.)                 

How to Tie

  1. Debarb hook- mount in vise – Put about 20 wraps of lead on the hook shank and center it on the shank then start your thread behind the eye and bind the lead on by wrapping loosely over it front to back and putting a small tapered dam of thread in front and back of the lead.
  2. Cut the grey zonker strip about two shank lengths long.
  3. Now cut a white zonker the same size as the grey but put a slot in where it meets the hook shank in the back side and put the zonker on over the hook point and move to the lower side of the shank (skin side toward hook shank). Put glue on zonker skin side and push up against the hook shank. Then tie off in front of eyelet with a few wraps only.
  4. Tie in the grey zonker on top of shank then put glue on the skin side and push down onto the top of the hook shank and on down and onto the white zonker (skin side to skin side) pushing the zonkers down on each side also to make a fuller body. Build a tapered thread head.
  5. Tie in two strands of silver holographic flashabou and two strands of pearl Krystal flash – double over the flash so you have four of the flash and two of the flashabou on each side of the fly keeping it centered on the side of the fly.
  6. Now glue the eyes on each side right between the thread head and the zonkers – let it dry then put some sally Hansen’s on it or UV glue to form a nice head and secure the eyes better. Trim the flash and flashabou and you’re done.

**This is a very nice pattern and very easy to make. You can also try making it in smaller or even larger hooks. Go tie up a bunch and save your best for the fly of the month contest at the next meeting.

TI P = Pull the eraser off a pencil and put it on the hook point to keep from getting poked by the point.

NOTE = If the zonker strips are not thick enough to cover the sides also - you can use white rabbit dubbing to cover the lead and hook shank. Then put the zonkers on the top and bottom.