Sometimes in the heat of the summer you just need to go fishing for anything that will take your fly. That’s where the crazy panfish charlie can help you out catching all those large crappie and other panfish. Whom are just waiting for you to toss one to them for a real scrappy fight for their size. Try tying them in other colors also. (Green-Blue-Black-Chartreuse-Etc.) They tie up real fast so you can make a dozen in less than an hour. Try tying one on the hook bend for a two fly setup using different colors. Who knows, you may even get two on at once. What a fight!

Hook- #12 Mustad #R50-94840
Eye- 2.4mm Steel Ball Chain Nickel Plated (At Jo-ann Jewelery Dept.)
Thread- Yellow 6/0
Body- Small Red Ultra Wire
Wing- Yellow Marabou (Blook Quill)
Glue- Zap-A-Gap

  1.  Put hook in vice- Tie thread in behind eyelet, then go about 3 to 4 eyelets from the eye. (This will be your thread base to help hold the eyes.)
  2.  Cut 2 beads from your chain and figure eight them about 3 eyelets from the eye and use some zap-a-gap to help hold it down to the hook shank.
  3.  Flip your hook over and tie in your wire just behind the eyes, using the wire to keep close wraps. Bind the wire to the bottom of the hook shank to the bend of the hook. Then go back to the eyes with the thread only doing very close wraps again to make a smooth underbody for the wire.
  4.  Wrap wire forward toward the eyes, making very close wraps trying not to leave any gaps between the wire. Tie off and clip or bend off the tag end.
  5.  Take one marabou feather and tie in, just in front of the eyes with the tips extending 1 gap length past the hook bend. Before you clip the tag end, put two wraps in front of the tag end to bring it up so you can clip it cleaner and not leave any to get in the way of the eyelet.
  6.  Now clip the marabou tag end and build a small head- whip finish- put a little head cementon and your ready to go panfishing.

Now go tie up a couple dozen, but save a good one for the September fly contest. Just bring ont to the meeting and you may get your picture of you and your fly in the newsletter.