This is a great opportunity for budding biologists, ecologists and fisheries management to get field experience and exposure to CDFW, CalTrout and the IFFF. This year could be extremely tough on fish, so let’s give them a hand by removing a stressor (non-native fish), something we can do with immediate beneficial impacts.
Season Two of the Lahontan cutthroat trout recovery effort on Silver Creek is quickly approaching.  Last year we had one intern with CalTrout and cleared one mile. This year the clubs of the Southwest Council IFFF are hiring two interns to work with CDFW and 2 CalTrout interns to remove brook trout from two miles of stream.

WHEN: Volunteers are needed over a five week period starting Friday July 18th and ending Wednesday September 10th. You can sign up for a portion of a week too. The schedule is as follows:
Friday July 18 through Wednesday July 23
Thursday July 31 through Wednesday Aug 6
Thursday Aug 14 through Wednesday Aug 20
Tuesday Aug 26 through Thursday Aug 28
Thursday Sept 4 through Wednesday Sept 10

WHERE: Base camp will be along Silver Creek, a tributary of the West Walker River. Silver Creek runs through the US Marine’s Mountain Warfare Training Base on Hwy 108 (Sonora Junction).  There is a road through the base to a parking area where we hike in app. 2 miles of easy terrain. The elevation is in the 9,000 ft range.  
WHAT: groups of 2-3 volunteers will assist the intern that will be electroshocking the water that temporarily stuns the brook and Lahontan trout. The brook trout are removed from the water and killed while the Lahontans are returned. Volunteers will be netting the stunned fish, taking data and caring for the Lahontans.
FACILITIES: Base camp is on Silver Creek and is primitive - there are cooking facilities and a bear box, but volunteers will need their own sleeping tents and food. Gary will be providing more info by mid June.

WHO TO CONTACT FOR SIGNUP AND MORE INFO: Gary Applebee of Deep Creek Fly Fishers is the man!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Gary’s phone number is 909-213-6422. People can contact me at 805-338-8278 also.
Looking forward to working with you this summer!
Debbie Sharpton
Conservation VP
Southwest Council IFFF