A partnership between CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Deep Creek Fly Fishers, and Trout Unlimited to better protect Southern California’s freshwater fisheries.





  • Southern California in "extreme" drought for 4 consecutive years
  • Headwater streams running dry
  • Many fish populations have no refugia left


California Department of Fish and Wildlife(CDFW) needs our help!

  • Southern California (Region 6) largest in the state
  • Only 1 freshwater fisheries biologist for the entire region


Region 6 largest in the state

  • ~45,000 sq miles (28% of the state)
  • 78% is public lands
  • Includes San Bernardino County - largest county in the nation
  • Major waterways - Colorado and Santa Ana
  • Large diverse fish assemblage



  • 1 wild trout biologist (out of Coleville)
  • 2 reservoir biologists<
  • 2-3 other staff that deal with fish issues


Overall Goals

  • Gather data on streams that would otherwise not be surveyed at all
  • Illustrate that there are trout populations in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains that warrant a local CDFW freshwater fisheries biologist to help manage and protect


Download the  pdf Angler Drought Monitoring Region 6 Introduction (3.57 MB) pdf
(4.51 MB)

Download the   pdf Angler Drought Monitoring Training (4.51 MB)

Download the  pdf Angler Drought Monitoring Datasheet (300 KB)

CDFW is redeveloping its website with a mobile-friendly design and modern technology.  Bookmark the following site on your mobile device.  Next time you are streamside and have cellular service, go to the site and it will give you the current regulations for where you are fishing.





Dear West Fork Advocates:

It’s time to renew our push for greater protection for the West Fork, especially the lower stream below Cogswell dam.  It is a new year, and especially significant, a new L. A. County Board of Supervisors.  Rep. Judy Chu (CA 27) is being asked to again submit a bill to designate streams in the San Gabriel Mountains as Wild and Scenic Rivers, including the East Fork, North Fork, and the upper West Fork, but not the lower West Fork, of the San Gabriel River.  Once again, the lower West Fork would be excluded out of concern that the Cogswell dam operator, L. A. County Public Works, will not support the bill if it is included.  Unfortunately, the large environmental groups encouraging such a bill seem willing to sacrifice the lower West Fork in order to achieve the goal for the other streams.

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