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Bluegill Its A Bug

7 years 4 months ago - 7 years 4 months ago #146 by KYFlyTier061
I was somewhat surprised, but humbled and honored to see my Bluegill Its A Bug as the
Fly Of The Month for May 2014 on the Deep Creek Flyfishers site! I have gone ahead and registered
on the site to post some more info about the Bluegill Its A Bug for Y'all (it's a Kentucky thang!)
The Bluegill Its A Bug was created by me by accident several years back - I was trying to tie up a
Foam Panfish Popper, but the Bluegill Its A Bug was the finished result, and did it catch the fish!
This fly has caught Bluegill, Georgia Giants, Bass, and Trout in the Great Smoky Mountains. Here are
some of the pattern variations I have tied over the years:

The Overbody on the Original Bluegill Itsabug was made with a 1/4" strip of Closed Cell Foam, which will still work.
Several years ago, I started playing around with some Scrapbook Paper Edgers to make Foam Fly Bodies with and
the results were so good that I now make all of my Foam Fly Bodies using them. Here's a tutorial on how to make
these Foam Fly Bodies that I have on another site for making a foam-bodied Ant Pattern I call the PHAT ANT.

Happy Tying!! Gary R. Yaden
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