JUNE 2011





Last month at the meeting I was asked if we could do a larger fly of the month so here it is a big heavy fly that uses rabbit strips that pulses with life on every twitch of the retrieve. It’s simple to tie and can be tied in purple also.


Hook – Mustad #R73-9671

Or any 3x long turned down eye,

Size #2 - #6

Thread - Black 6/0

Weight– lead wire the diameter of the hook shank

Tail – Black rabbit zonker.

Body – Black rabbit cross – cut zonker works best or regular zonker. (Make sure it’s a thinner skin on it.)

Head – Fluorescent orange chenille.

(Make sure it’s full and bushy not flat.)



1. Debarb hook – Wrap lead wire on shank of hook behind the eye about two eyelets from it and cover three – quarters of the shank. Secure the lead by starting your thread behind the eyelet and loose wraps over the lead to the end of the shank then go back forward and then back again putting a small tapered dam of thread in front and in back of the lead wraps


2. Cut a strip of rabbit about two inches long and about 1/8 inch wide for the tail. Tie rear of strip in right up against the rear of the lead wire (fur facing up and to the rear) and bind it down to the end of the shank this will fill in the gap between the lead and the rear of the hook building a rear under body. Make sure you tie it in with the skin side down on hook and the direction of the fur is facing downward (butt end).


3. Cut a strip of cross-cut rabbit about three to four inches long and tie in the butt end right where you tied in the first strip (skin side down) at a slight angle away from you.

4With your fingers or hackle pliers, grab a hold onto the second strip and wrap forward to just behind the eye with close slightly overlapping wraps petting the hair back as you put each wrap on.

5. Tie on your chenille and bring forward to behind the eye. Wrap the chenille forward and tie off with a half hitch (this is your salmon egg).

Whip – finish and you’re done.


NOTE. This pattern works great for brown trout – arctic char – rainbow trout – Coho salmon – Chinook salmon. Grab a bunch of rabbit zonkers and get to tying up a couple dozen and bring your best one to the next meeting.

If you tie this fly then fish it, please give me some feedback on how well it worked for you. Or for any other questions, please contact me.

CARL WUEBBEN   >)))))))(‘>