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In 1984 a friend asked me to join him on a fishing trip to Idaho. Having no idea about the area, but being an avid spin fisherman, I thought “why not” and said “let’s go”. Shortly thereafter he began to share with me the gear I would be taking along, which included things like a fly rod, waders, tippet, etc. There was no mention of bringing along my spinning rod, or Power Bait. Not being familiar with any of the stuff a sharp learning curve. Fortunately, I had him as a resource to get me going in the right direction. Not being one who would back out on a friend, I decided to “roll” with it. It turned out to be the best fishing decision I ever made. It introduced me to fly fishing and has brought me back to Yellowstone Country and surround- ing waters nearly every summer for over thirty years.

Like most of us who experience fly fishing for the first time, it was anything but easy. Just figuring out how to put on all the clothing was new and a bit puzzling, but again with my friend’s help, I was able to make it hap- pen. My first stream to cast a fly line into was the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River near its source in Idaho near Yellowstone National Park. You might correctly assume that I didn’t catch a thing other than a bunch of wind knots. I was probably thinking at the time “who said this was fun”, but at least I was able to enjoy the peace, beauty and serenity of the mountain environment. It soon became clear, however, that it is possible to catch fish this way, as my friend was consistently reeling in some of the largest trout I had ever seen caught. After several attempts with no success, I finally managed to catch my first trout on a fly line. From that point on, I was hooked and have since enjoyed every minute on a stream.

Over the years I have come to love the country in and around Yellowstone National Park. With each trip there has come a growing awareness of the maj- esty of Yellowstone. From the large trout, incredible elk, bison, eagles, and bears to its overall natural beauty it is a site to behold. There is so much to appreciate about Yellowstone and the surrounding area that it’s impossible to describe it in words.

I must say, if you ever have the chance, take the time to make Yellowstone a part of your fishing ex- perience. You will always treasure the time you spend there, and may well find yourself, as I have, returning year after year.

I’ll be leaving for this year’s adventure in paradise around July 18th. Hope to see you on the stream!

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